Manual driving lessons

Manual driving lessons

Manual lessons at a glance

The main reasons people would choose to drive a manual car; It is also possible to drive an automatic on your manual licence but not the other way round (you can’t drive a manual car if you have taken your test in an automatic). You can have more control in adverse weather conditions. It makes it easier to learn to drive older agricultural and construction industry vehicles which may be manual. Large number of vintage cars will have a manual gearbox.

  1. With a manual licence you can also drive an automatic car giving you more choice when buying a car plus some makes of car only come with manual transmission
  2. If you will be driving in adverse weather conditions (icy or snowy) manual cars can offer more control
  3. Manual cars tend to be cheaper than the automatic version, the manual transmission is a simpler mechanism so cheaper to fix and more reliable
  4. More control over the gear changes so they have the potential to be more fuel efficient so although you may need more lessons you’ll be able to drive more fuel efficient cars for the future
  5. You have greater connection to the cars inner workings via the act of gear shifting, thus providing a much more complete experience to driving.

Refresher lessons

We have had many people who have for various reasons not driven for a while – sometimes years – who have found that it’s now necessary to be able to move around more freely but feel nervous about getting behind the wheel again. We can offer as many or as few lessons as you feel you need to relearn your driving skills and boost your confidence.

We also have people who didn’t learn earlier in life who pick up driving manual cars without a problem, some people may feel that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ but that’s rarely the case.

Nervous drivers

Although it may be easier to learn in an automatic car if you’re feeling nervous it doesn’t mean you can’t get to grips with the manual gearbox and clutch. We have plenty of people who were very nervous to begin with but after a lesson or two found they were much more at ease and able to control the car confidently. Remember we have dual controls so can give you as much or as little help as you need, always coupled with verbal assistance until you reach the point that you’re able to cope with situations independently.

Lessons tailored to the individual

The beauty of learning to drive is that you can take it at your own pace, there’s no time restraint. We can go over particular aspects as many times as you need until you’re feeling confident and comfortable. On the reverse if you’ve picked certain skills up quickly we won’t need to waste time going over and over them. There are many different approaches we can explore to find the way you learn most easily: verbal talk through first and during your practice; visual aids; demonstration by your instructor.


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